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  • Campus Tower
  • 07.11.2016
    Campus Tower
    Hamburg HafenCity.

    A complex of offices and residential units
    with two-level underground car park and
    a 56-m-high tower is being built... Continue...
  • Windpark Ochtersum
  • 04.10.2016
    Ochtersum wind park
    Frankipiles NG chosen for the job.

    In the East Frisian town of Ochtersum, ENERCON Aurich
    is building 10 E-115 wind power stations with...
  • STILL Logistikzentrum
  • 01.08.2016
    2.800 Simplex piles for
    STILL logistics centre in Hamburg.

    ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG is developing,
    planning and executing the major “STILL logistics centre”
    construction project... Continue...
  • East Side Mall, Berlin
  • 06.06.2016
    550 Frankipiles NG –
    East Side Mall, Berlin.

    A shopping centre, the East Side Mall – a major
    construction project financed with 200 million Euros
    from the FREO Group... Continue...
  • Zuckersilo Örtofta
  • 04.04.2016
    Pile foundations for
    Örtofta sugar silo, Sweden.

    In February 2016, Nordzucker Sweden hired Heitkamp
    Ingenieur- und Kraftwerksbau GmbH to build a new
    sugar silo... Continue...
  • Hammer Straße Hamburg
  • 08.02.2016
    Hammer Straße in Hamburg
    – the barriers vanish!

    A major traffic artery in the eastern part of Hamburg
    is being given a facelift - with help from FRANKI.
  • Bundesbankfiliale Dortmund
  • 11.01.2016
    Dortmund, Federal bank branch office:
    Franki piles support Germany’s
    latest cash warehouse

    The German Federal Bank invested no less than 300 million
    euros in its new branch office in Dortmund. Continue
  • Quartier HC34
  • 07.12.2015
    Hamburger, Quarter HC 34:
    Major project in Hamburg Hafencity

    The construction work for the largest projects
    in Hamburg Hafencity have finally begun.
  • Projekt in Hamburg
  • 23.11.2015
    Hamburg, Heights:
    Hotel and office building on erstwhile Spiegel areal

    Where Spiegel Publisher employees previously took a break
    in their designer cafeteria FRANKI is now skilfully creating
    three new structures. Continue
  • Bankzentrale in Linz
  • 14.08.2015
    Diaphragm wall:
    Corporate headquarters in Linz

    The new corporate headquarters of Oberbank AG is currently
    under construction on the site of the former Allianz building at
    Untere Donaulände 36 in the Austrian city of Linz… Continue
  • ILB-Zentrale in Potsdam
  • 20.07.2015
    Excavation and pile foundation:
    ILB headquarters in Potsdam

    The new headquarters of Investitionsbank des Landes
    Brandenburg(ILB) – the central investment and development
    bank of the German Federal State of... Continue
  • Wohnhochhaus PRAEDIUM in Frankfurt
  • 12.06.2015
    Excavation and pile foundation:
    PRAEDIUM residential high-rise in Frankfurt/Main

    Currently under construction at Europaallee 101-103 is the
    centrepiece of Frankfurt's new Europaviertel district: the
    PRAEDIUM residential tower of developer… Continue
  • FRANKIPFÄHLE im Wohngebiet von Stuttgart
  • 02.05.2015
    FRANKIPILES in the residential area of Stuttgart

    Sound-insulation mat makes all the difference. The Villen-
    Garten residential project in the north-west of Stuttgart,
    scheduled for completion by the end of 2016… Continue
  • Diaphragm walls next to Chinese border
  • 28.04.2015
    FRANKI places diaphragm walls
    next to Chinese border

    The high fences, which feature cameras in each corner,
    make impossible to see inside... Continue
  • VBG-Hauptverwaltun Hamburg
  • 29.03.2015
    Basement excavation for
    Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

    A new energy recovery linear accelerator (ERL) is being
    built at the materials and energy... Continue
  • VBG-Hauptverwaltun Hamburg
  • 08.01.2015
    Excavation pit:
    VBG headquarters Hamburg

    The Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft (VBG) is planning
    to build new headquarters... Continue
  • Firmenzentrale Marquard & Balsen
  • 01.07.2014
    Excavation pit:
    Headquarters Marquard & Bahls AG
    Hamburg HafenCity (construction field 65)

    Marquard & Bahls AG is the next large company
    to settle in the HafenCity... Continue
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